Posted by: seafarmer | April 29, 2012

Invercargill rocks!

Lots of quite big things happened today in Invercargill… well.. big for Invercargill, that is. 

For me, the highlights were:
  • Mayor Tim's extraordinary good performance right through to the end of 26 hours' interview. A world record and still going strong at the end!
  • The movie 'the best exotic marigold hotel'.. Britain meets Bollywood.. I laughed and cried (it's my age, I think).
  • The fabulous Steinway piano at the Civic Theatre resonating to the ceiling with four-handed performance from two Russian pianists of the highest order.  The Liszt Rhapsody no 12 had everyone on their feet.
  • Being with friends, the greatest joy, + Turkish apple tea. (the kebab was nothing to write home about so I won't)
  •  Met a couple from San Miguel de Allende, that's in the middle of Mexico, where I visited with cousin N in 2004. Not often encountered in Invers!
The weather has broken in a big way, maybe floods tomorrow. 

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