Posted by: seafarmer | September 20, 2011

Whales in South Africa

Spring is stirring up the southern right whales in the Cape, they are
schooling in Hermanus area, showing off to each other and to us the
admirers, right close into shore. The scenery on that drive is
terrific, mountains down to the Ocean.

Yesterday on the western coast we saw bontebok, some bat-eared foxes,
many eland, a voracious swarm of hairy scary tiger-striped
caterpillars, and masses of wild flowers of all description, shape and

So far I have caught up with:- my very earliest playmate with whom I
started school at age four, a classmate from Fortrose Academy, two
friends from Edinburgh University.. and fittingly I get to meet a
classmate from Strathclyde Uni tomorrow.. 1967-8!! Some live here and
some are visiting, like me.

South Africa roads at least around the two biggest cities appear to be
fast and efficient. Beautiful surfaces, Eat yr heart out Kenya.

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