Posted by: seafarmer | August 5, 2009

Challenge: a story beginning ‘He leapt over the counter… ‘

Be careful what you wish for.

He leapt over the counter and crashed in a heap among the dirty glasses. He was carted to hospital bleeding and bruised, the publican left shaking his head in confusion as he cleaned up the mess.

Sheena said “What on earth made you show off like that?” He couldn’t clearly answer and winced as he tried to form the words ‘I looked and I leapt”.

Jonah came in and looked ruefully at the patient “We can’t take you anywhere can we?”

They took him home and he had a day off work. Still, weakly, he tried to leap. It was just over the bathmat, but his obsession wouldn’t let him rest.

Off he went to work, leaping pavement squares and eyeing traffic bollards down the street. ‘Tomorrow’, he thought. Sometimes his imagination soared so he could see himself leaping an entire street. Just now however, having experienced a touch of reality, his thoughts became more pedestrian, more cautious.

By Monday of the following week he was back at full leaping strength and once again practising over the hurdles down at the sports ground. He knew no-one would believe that he could eventually fly, so he just persevered night after night. His friends shrugged at each other but still took him along on their outings, sometimes holding him down when they saw the leaping light gleaming in his eye.

Years went by and Pinky became more solitary. He would take off to the hills and leap ever more recklessly, suffering many more cuts and bruises, but coming home satisfied that he was leaping further day by day. It was a milestone the night he leapt over the moon. Unfortunately he collided with a cow coming over the other side. They crashed together. “ Aagh’’ said the cow “What are you doing in my space ? This is where I always jump”. “Sorry “ said Pinky. “ It was my first go. Can I leap with you tomorrow?”.

At last he had found a leaping companion, and his leaping became soaring. Together he and the cow jumped over the moon until Pinky found he had outgrown the cow and could cruise at altitude without so much as flapping his wings. …….Wings! When did they appear? They were just there, having grown un-noticed, fed by the sheer force of Pinky’s will. His feet had changed too, only two toes showed, and those of equal size. He had an embarrassing curly wormy pink appendage on his buttocks too. Of course he kept it hidden. But he couldn’t hide his strange flat nose with nostrils sticking straight out. His voice became somewhat grunty too.

Slowly it dawned that his leaping obsession had transformed him – drastically. The power of the focused mind was a shocking thing. He had wished and wished, and worked so hard that he had ‘got there’ and oh – the pleasure of gliding across the heavens, but – did he really want to be a flying pig?

This is not the end. Please add your ending.


  1. Love it! I remember the night you read this to us around the table.

    • Maybe he turned into the giant peppa pig that turned up in auckland today

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