Posted by: seafarmer | May 10, 2008

Life and Death on the Farm




Full of anticipation, the farmer chooses a black-handled knife from the kitchen and strides out of the back door.


His chosen victim sits quietly in the sun. It is in the bloom of youth,  cells vibrating with life, body growing apace.


The shadow falls, the silver blade flashes and in an instant it is all over. An unheard scream echoes into eternity. Precious life fluids ooze uselessly into the bright sunshine.


‘Aah’, says the farmer, ‘you beauty’.


He lifts the body tenderly and bears it into the house.

He rinses it under the tap then places it on a wooden board.


He turns to his wife ‘Is there any more of that tasty home-made dressing to go with this nice crispy lettuce?’




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