Posted by: seafarmer | March 12, 2013

Catlins Great Escape Coastal Walk No 4 is on 6 April 2013

It’s from Purakaunui Bay to Papatowai.. about 15 km on the rugged
Catlins Coast. These walks are one-off opportunities to see normally
inaccessible coastline. Cost is $50 pp with profits to local search
and rescue volunteer group.

Contact details here:


I plan to go.. you’ll see me at the tail end, puffing along.

Posted by: seafarmer | February 28, 2013

Sunshine continues

View over the ocean this morning so calm, blue, lovely as Lloyd set off exploring the reefs at low tide.. some great phone calls,  then discussion group outing over the neighbour's picturesque and healthy dairy farm. I took a mountain bike ride later and got puffed out, dog laughin' at me. Two beers with family on their deck and that's about my day. Oh.. Edendale was the subject of 'my town' on National Radio.. I learned stuff.  
Posted by: seafarmer | February 25, 2013

Edinburgh University reunion 1960s

Taking place right now in southern NZ.. :~)) 
Posted by: seafarmer | September 9, 2012

Perth, WA

WA has been a wonderful experience for us, enjoying Carolyn's cheerful company and lovely sights of Perth City and the SW corner which is my fav part of Oz. I was also able to attend a 2 day conference for the Kenya diaspora here.. about 15000 Kenyans are in Australia, approx. About $120m USD is remitted on average, every MONTH,to Kenya from the diaspora worldwide. This is huge. There are lots of issues about citizenship and voting in elections, about inward investment, about how to harness the skills of those living at a distance..I enjoyed meeting as many as possible.. a great vibe.
Posted by: seafarmer | September 1, 2012

West australia

South coast of wa remains to me the most exciting and enjoyable of the big sandy playground that is oz. amazing seascapes, unique plants incl monster trees…so happy to see again and in company of family…
Posted by: seafarmer | August 15, 2012

Kenya Diaspora Conference in Perth WA 8-9 September

I hope to do lots of networking at this meeting: who else from my groups might be there?  Any others from NZ?   
Posted by: seafarmer | August 2, 2012

six Olympians from one school

James Hargest College have six former students in the New Zealand team
competing at the London Olympics.

Rower Nathan Cohen is a contender for gold in the men’s double sculls,
alongside Joseph Sullivan, with the duo having won the last two world
championship titles.

The Uru brothers, Storm and Jade, will also be busy out on the waters
of Dorney Lake, with Storm lining up in the lightweight double with
Peter Taylor, and Jade racing in the men’s four.

Louise Ayling will be gunning for glory in the women’s lightweight
double with partner Julia Edward.

Eddie Dawkins will race in the men’s sprint track cycling team, while
swimmer Natalie Wiegersma will compete in the 200m and 400m individual
medley events.

Southland will have a seventh member at the Games with
Christchurch-raised Natasha Hansen riding in the women’s sprint and

Posted by: seafarmer | July 12, 2012

paradoxi of political leanings

It's so strange that I call myself a 'liberal democrat', and decry the power of the state over the individual, whereas all the 'conservatives' in the west SAY they want LESS government, but SUPPORT government monopoly on information. Witness the case of Julian Assange.  PS Beware of 'labels'!
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Assange – like or loathe what he has done?

quote ' Does Assange terrorise people? Emphatically no. Does he terrify governments and their sponsoring powerful corporations? An unqualified yes – using truth and exposure of their lies. It really is as simple as that. '  from 
Posted by: seafarmer | July 8, 2012

Three Gorges Dam is fully operational

World's biggest power generator is finally fully operational 

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